Symphony of Streamers

A series of compositions with 2 purposes:

  1. To show some love to the broadcasters on Twitch & YouTube that have inspired us, along with some of our heroes listed below.
  2. Create a soundtrack (this is about half of it) for an upcoming indy game project, where creative & development are lead by the music.

You hear inspiration from Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda, as well as, various Nintendo composers. You may also notice influences from John Williams, Sergei Prokofiev, DJ Shadow, maybe even some Yoann Laulan.

This project is a proper symphony; each composition tells a story, has 4 distinct phases, uses distinct sounds & instrument patterns to represent characters. It has been set aside to honor a special group of amazing humans & their animal overlords.

Symphony of Streamers is available on: